Letters From The Dead

Dawn Meredith Letters from the DeadThis story was already winning awards before it was even finished. At the 2016 SCBWI Sydney conference it won the Andrea David Pinkney Writer award – a scholarship with the Vice President of Scholastic USA. Under Andrea’s astute mentorship, the novel developed into this unique and spellbinding story which keeps you turning the pages, heart in mouth, to find out what happens next.

Delia Fox is a naïve nineteen year old who discovers by accident that she has a talent, a gift, which turns out to be dangerous. She can see the memories of the recently deceased just by touching them. Wanting to do something significant with this gift, she takes up the invitation of Detective Inspector Jonah Rainbird to consult for the police in solving mysterious deaths. And that’s when the trouble starts.

Delia’s success means others fail. Powerful criminals with infinite resources want revenge. The media and her ex-boyfriend are baying for her blood. Her family think she is consorting with the Devil. When her life is threatened Delia goes into hiding, totally unprepared for the utter devastation she is about to witness. She speaks up for the dead, but who will protect her from the living?

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